Alekos Sakellarios

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Alekos Sakellarios, Philopemen Finos, G Tzavelas represent the golden age of Greek cinema.

Alekos Sakellarios (1913-1992) was a Greek playwright and screen director.

Sakellarios was born in Athens in 1913. He studied law, worked in journalism and specialised in feature articles and humorous pieces with great success. He gradually turned to the theatre, where he established himself as one of the leading comedy writers, writing over one hundred plays, the majority of which in collaboration with Christos Yiannakopoulos.

In the cinema, he began directing adaptations of his plays as well as original scripts as early as 1946 ("Home is Best"). He made about fifty films, including "The Germans are Returning" (1948), "Ripples in the Pond" (1952), "Young Miss Aged 39" (1954), "Thanassakis the Politician" (1954), "Music, Poverty and Pride" (1955), "The Aunt from Chicago" (1957), `Spare the Rod" (1959), "My fiend Lefterakis" (1963), "The Chauffeuress" (1964), "My Daughter the Socialist" (1966).