Alekos Tzanetakos

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Alekos Tzanetakos was a Greek stage and screen comedy actor.

Tzanetakos was born in Athens, in 1937. He made his first appearance on stage in 1957, with the theatre group of Alekos Sakellarios and Christos Giannopoulos in "Οι δικοί μας άνθρωποι" (Our people). He became established as a comedy actor, playing alongside actors such as Nikos Stavridis, Rena Vlachopoulou, Vasilis Avlonitis, etc.

Tzanetakos debuted in the cinema in the 1957 comedy "Η αρπαγή της Περσεφόνης" (The kidnapping of Persephone). Afterwards, he played in other films such as "Ο τρελοπενηντάρης" (The crazy 50-year old), "Μερικοί το προτιμούν κρύο" (Some like it cold), "Νόμος 4000" (Law 4000), etc.

He died on April 11, 2010 in Athens.