Athanasios Kanakaris

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Athanasios Kanakaris was a Greek political figure of the War of Independence era.

Kanakaris was born in Patra in 1760, the son of the Sicilian ruler of Calabria, Beniselo Ruffo. He was a merchant of raisins and an elder of the city of Patra.

Kanakaris fought in the unsuccessful siege of Patra and later fled to Constantinople where he was nearly executed by the Ottoman authorities. He sought refuge in the Russian Embassy and was subsequently sent to Hydra. He became a member of the Revolutionary Executive and, when Alexandros Mavrokordatos left to lead an expedition in Epirus, became acting President of the Executive - the equivalent of Prime Minister.

He died in Ermioni on January 14, 1824.

Kanakaris was the father of future Prime Minister Benizelos Rouphos and the ancestor of several mayors of Patra and members of Parliament.