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Bulgaris or Boulgaris or Bulgari (Greek: Μπουλγαρης) also (Greek: Βουλγαρης). Noble family of Corfu, prominently featured in the "Libro d'Oro". The origins of the family are allegedly Greek and can be traced bak to Constantinople. Their presence in Corfu can be traced back to the early 16th century. The family over the years produced numerous prominent individuals.

Some prominent members of the Bulgaris family

Eugenios Bulgaris (1716-1806). One of the greatest Greek scholars, second only to Korais. He had numerous interests and excelled in many fields. From 1776 to 1779, he was also Archbishop in Russia.

Stamatis Bulgaris (1774-1842). Army Officer, Painter, author.

Markantonio Bulgaris (1787-1829). Russian army officer; Russian Ambassador to Spain, and later Ambassador to Greece..

Sotirios Bulgaris (1857-1932). Famous Jeweler. Established the famous brand name Bulgari.