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Sotiris Bulgaris (Greek: Σωτήρης Μπούλγαρης; Italian: Sotirio Bulgari). (Born 1857; Died: 1932 Italy) was an Italian-based Greek silversmith.

Sotiris Bulgaris was probably born in the village of Paramythia, Epirus. His mother was probably from Paramythia. His father, Constantine, (we assume that his father's name was Constantine, based on the fact that Sotiris' first son was named Constantine) moved to live there from Corfu where the Bulgaris family originated.

Most websites - including unofficial Bulgari websites - claim that: "The Bulgaris descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths whose activity began in the small village of Epirus". However, the Bulgaris do not descend from an ancient family of Greeks. Secondly, the Bulgari family had no other silversmiths before Sotiris Bulgaris. Thirdly, Epirus is not a village.

Bulgaris was working with silver at a very young age, and opened his first shop in Paramythia before he was 20 years old, displaying his own silver art work. In 1877, he moved to Corfu, and from there two years later to Naples. In 1881, he moved to and settled in Rome and, in 1884, he opened his second shop there (the first being in Paramythia).

He married about 1886 and soon afterwards his two sons Constantine Bulgaris (1889-1973) and Giorgio Bulgaris (1890-1966) were born.

In 1905, the Bulgaris opened their flagship store in via dei Condotti in Rome.

Since then, the Bulgari name became synonymous with quality jewelry and fashion accessories. The company went public in 1995 (Bulgari S.p.a.) and expanded into perfumes, eyewear, etc.