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Christos Syrpos, much more commonly known as Christakis, was a Greek laika singer.

Christakis was born in Istanbul in 1924 but grew up in Drama, eastern Macedonia. He started singing after the war, often as an accompanying voice for Kaity Grey, Poly Panou, etc, but hit the big time in the 1960s as a soloist.

Among his many songs were "Να χαρείς τα μάτια σου καλέ", "Η γάτα", "Έμαθα πως είσαι μάγκας", "Παίζουν τα μπαγλαμαδάκια".

A great showman, Christakis was very popular at the nightclub scene. He died June 1, 1981, after suffering a stroke, in Kavala.