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Christos Michas was a Greek football referee who was convicted of match fixing in the 1970s.

The 1973 Cup Winners' Cup final between Leeds United and AC Milan was held on May 16 in Kaftantzoglio Stadium, Thessaloniki, Greece. It was refereed by Michas who disallowed one clear goal and turned down three penalty appeals by Leeds Utd. He also sent off one of their players - Norman Hunter - and allowed a Milan goal which was scored from a dubious free kick (4' Luciano Chiarugi). In the end, Milan won 1-0.

Subsequently Michas was convicted of match fixing in a court in Greece relating to events in the final. He was sent to jail, fined by the Greek court and banned from football for life by the Hellenic Football Federation. Leeds, however, were not granted the replay they requested, and AC Milan were allowed to keep the title and trophy by UEFA.

In recent times Richard Corbett, an MEP for Yorkshire and Humber has began petitioning UEFA for a reversal of awarding AC Milan the victory.

Prior to the 1973 final, Michas had been a successful referee in the Greek league. He was a member of the Athens federation and had officiated in the final of the 1969 Greek football Cup which was won by Panathinaikos on his coin toss after a 1-1 regulation time draw v. Olympiakos. He also called the next four finals of the Greek Cup.

He died on August 25, 2010.