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Founded 1926

The Hellenic Football Federation (HFF), referred to as EPO, (Ελληνική Ποδοσφαιρική Ομοσπονδία, Ε.Π.Ο.) was founded in 1926, by a decision of the three major Unions of the country (Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki). Its foundation marked organizing the Greek football according to international standards. From that day on, H.F.F. has developed into the biggest sports federation of the country, with the "king of sports" occupying the first place in sports' fans' preferences, as it does worldwide.

While the HFF was an independent governing body for Greek football, it never enjoyed autonomy from the Greek government to act as it best saw fit for the sport and frequently fell victim to Greek political endeavors. On July 3, 2006, FIFA suspended the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF), European champions Greece and its member clubs, from international competition because of government interference in the sport. This incident cast doubts over whether the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final would have been played at the Athens Olympic Stadium as previously scheduled. Federation chief Vassilis Gagatsis demanded immediate action from the government which finally backed down.

Gagatsis has since stepped down and was replaced in January 2009 by Sophocles Pilavios.

Address : 137, Syngrou Avenue, Nea Smyrni GR-17121

Telephone Number : (+30) 210 9306000


  • 1926: The foundation of the Hellenic Football Federation is a fact
  • 1927: The Hellenic Football Federation becomes a member of FIFA
  • 1954: The Hellenic Football Federation becomes one of the initial members of UEFA

Historic events

H.F.F. has organized major football events with huge success. The most important "moments", as to the participating clubs, are:

  • 1971: Cup Winners Cup final, Chelsea-Real Madrid(1-0)
  • 1973: Cup Winners Cup final, AC Milan-Leeds United (1-0)
  • 1983: Champions League final Hamburg-Juventus (1-0)
  • 1987: Cup Winners Cup final, Lokomotive Leipzig-Ajax (0-1)
  • 1994: Champions League final, Milan-FC Barcelona (4-0)

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