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Dimotiko (plural Dimotika) is a style of Greek music, sometimes rendered as "Folk Music" in English.

Following the end of the Byzantine period, klephtic music arose before the Greek Revolution, developed among the kleftes, warriors who fought against the Ottoman Empire. Klephtic music is monophonic and uses no harmonic accompaniment. Dimotika developed from klephtic music.

Traditional dimotika are accompanied by clarinets, tambourines and violins, and include dance music forms like syrto, kalamatiano, tsamiko and hasaposerviko, as well as vocal music like kleftiko. Instrumentalists include clarinet virtuosos like Giorgos Yevyelis, Vassilis Saleas and Yiannis Vassilopoulos, as well as oud and fiddle players like Nikos Saragoudas and Giorgos Koros. Vocalists include Dimitris Zachos, Stathis Kavouras and Sophia Kollitiri.