Dimitris Zachos

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Dimitris Zachos was a Greek singer, one of the most noteworthy post-WW II dimotika vocalists.

Zachos was born in Gialtra on the island of Euboea, in 1926. He moved to Athens at age 24 and joined the choir of the Metropolitan church of Athens (1951 - 1962). In 1957, he turned professional singing at various clubs. In 1960, he entered the recording industry with "Με βλέπεις μάνα που γελώ" ("You see me laughing, mother"). Other songs and LP albums followed.

Zachos appeared in several films singing dimotika. Some of them are: "Golfo", starring Mimis Fotopoulos; "Maria Pentagiotissa", starring Aliki Vougiouklaki, etc.

He toured extensively and sang at local festivals, etc.

Zachos died on March 8, 2019.