Giorgos Andrianopoulos

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Giorgos (centre) and his brothers.

Giorgos Andrianopoulos, was the second-born of the football-playing Andrianopoulos brothers (after Yiannis).

Andrianopoulos was born in 1903 and started his career with Peiraikos Syndesmos FC, continuing with Athletic and Football Club of Piraeus, Olympiakos Omilos and Olympiakos FC as each of his prior clubs were absorbed into the next. He played for Olympiakos from their inception in 1925, until the 1931 season.

Andrianopoulos was capped 5 times by the Greek National Football Team scoring 2 goals.

After he quit football, Giorgos entered politics and was elected to the Greek Parliament, served as Minister of Merchant Marine and was also elected Mayor of Piraeus. He also served as Olympiakos' President from 1954 until 1967.

Andrianopoulos died in London on February 24, 1980.