Kato Dikomo

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Kato Dikomo is a community in Kyrenia province, Cyprus, situated 8km south of the city of Kyrenia.

Kato Dikomo has been under Turkish military occupation since 1974. Prior to the invasion, its population was 100% Greek.

Kato Dikomo is the birthplace of current Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias. It's other claim to fame came on November 19, 1958, during the EOKA struggle against the British rule: EOKA fighter, Kyriakos Matsis, and two companions - Kostaris Christodoulou and Andreas Sofiopoulos - were surrounded at their hideaway in Kato Dikomo. Matsis ordered his comrades to surrender but refused to do so himself. When the British commanded him to come out, he answered: "I'll come out shooting!". At this, the British firebombed the hideaway. When the smoke cleared, they removed the dismembered body of Kyriakos Matsis.