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Kavala International Airport, "Megas Alexandros" (Greek: Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Καβάλας, "Μέγας Αλέξανδρος") or Alexander The Great International Airport (IATA KVA, ICAO LGKV) is located in Kavala prefecture, eastern Macedonia, northern Greece.

The airport at Kavala began its operations in 1952 in the installations of the Greek Air Force near the village of Amygdaleonas. On October 12, 1981, it was relocated to the new location where it operates today, near the town of Chrisoupolis. The relocation greatly improved the service to the nearby island of Thasos and the city of Xanthi, in addition to the continued service to the cities of Kavala and Drama. At the beginning, it was used only for domestic flights.

On December 16, 1987, by a joint decision of the Minister of Presidency and the Minister of Transports and Communications it was included in the International Airports of the country. In 1992, by a decision of Minister of Transports, the airport was renamed to Kavala International Airport "Alexander the Great".

At the beginning of its operation, the building infrastructure of the airport included only the terminal building (smaller than the current). Afterwards the Control Tower, the Fire Station and the remaining installations were built. In 1992 a small extension to the terminal building was added, but soon it became apparent that it was insufficient.

The runway had been built, with the same dimensions that it has today. In 1998 extensive works began for new infrastructure (building etc) and today the airport of Kavala is functioning as a single upgraded total (old and new installations together), including all modern facilities for service both to airlines and passengers, contributing to the growth of the greater region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Currently, the airport hosts regular flights to various cities in Germany and, during the summer many chartered flights from several European countries.

Airlines and destinations

  • Aegean Airlines (Athens)
  • Air Berlin (Nuremberg)
  • Atlasjet (Istanbul-Atatürk)
  • Austrian Airlines (Vienna)
  • Germanwings (Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart)
  • LTU (Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich)
  • Martinair (Amsterdam)
  • Olympic Airlines (Athens)

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