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Kerkyra FC (also A.O. Kerkyra) is a Greek football club based in Corfu or Kerkyra island. Its Greek name is "Athlitikos Omilos Kerkyra" ("Αθλητικός όμιλος Κέρκυρα"), meaning "Athletic Club Kerkyra" in English.

Club history

It was formed in 1967 as "Kerkyraikos F.C." following a merge of three Corfu clubs ("Aris Kerkyras" est 1924, "Helespontos" est 1923 and "Asteras Kerkyras" est 1926). These three teams alongside "Olympos Garitsas" where dominating Corfu Local Championship before the creation of Greek National Leagues in 1967. In order to represent Corfu in the National B' Class League the three teams decided to merge in 1967. Due to some players' dispute with "Olympos Garitsas" in 1969 the team had to change it's name to "A.O. Kerkyra".

Colors, emblem and ground

The club's colors are Maroon and Blue, depicting the colors of the island and it's emblem is the ancient Corfiot's ("Faiakes") trireme, which is the island's emblem. The National stadium of the town of Corfu, "E.A.K.Kerkyra", (built in 1955) hosts A.O. Kerkyra since it's foundation. Its capacity is 7,000 seats.

Current status

After 36 years in lower divisions A.O. Kerkyra managed to reach top-level "Alpha Ethniki" in 2004. The long effort to success was inspired by chairman Spyros Kalogiannis who took control in 1999 and managed to climb three divisions in the space of 4 years. However, the long awaited "Alpha Ethniki" debut did not end up as expected as the club was relegated, taking last place in the final table of the 2005 season.

Kerkyra finished the 2006 season in second place in the Football B Division and returned to the Greek Super League, however, in the 2007 season they ended up in 14th place and were relegated again.

In 2010, they started their fourth top league season.

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