Andreas Niniadis

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Andreas Niniadis (Greek Ανδρέας Νινιάδης) is a former Greek football midfielder of the 1990s - 2000s era.

Niniadis was born on February 18, 1971, in Georgia. He started his football career in Georgia, migrating to Greece after the breakup of the Soviet Union. He was a player of Pontioi Veria from 1991 until 1994 when he transferred to Ethnikos Piraeus. In the summer of 1996, he was acquired by Olympiakos.

As an Olympiakos player, Niniadis won the league title seven times.

He ended his career with Kerkyra FC after the 2005 season.

On the national level, Niniadis played 17 times for the National Football Team of Greece.

He presently works as a scout for Olympiakos.