Konstantinos Mousouros

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Konstantinos "Kostakis" Mousouros was an Ottoman diplomat of the 19th century.

Mousouros was born in 1807, in Constantinople, of Greek descent. He served the High Porte as Ambassador to Athens, Vienna, London and Turin.

While in Athens, Mousouros denied a visa to Tsamis Karatasos - who was King Otto's bodyguard - on account of his revolutionary activity in Ottoman-held Macedonia. On that account, on January 28, 1847, at an official function, he was insulted by the Greek King. The insult provoked the "Mousouros Events" - a break in the diplomatic relations between Greece and the High Porte that lasted until February of 1848. Two months after relations were restored and Mousouros resumed his post, he became the target of an assassination attempt which led to further strains in the Greco-Turkish relations.

Mousouros died in 1891.