Kostas Perrikos

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Kostas Perrikos was a Greek Airforce officer who, during the WWII occupation of Greece by the Axis powers, founded the resistance organisation PEAN.

Perrikos was originally from Kallimasia, Chios. He was a Venizelist and, as such, was dismissed from the Airforce following the failed coup of 1935.

During the Axis occupation of Greece, Perrikos founded the Panhellenic Union of Young Fighters (PEAN). On September 20, 1942, PEAN blew up the offices of ESPO (the collaborationist National Socialist Patriotic Organisation) at the corner of Patisia and Gladstone streets in Athens. 43 Germans and 29 ESPO members were killed in the blast and ESPO - whose aim was to recruit Greeks in the Axis WWII effort - ceased to exist as an organisation.

Perrikos was arrested, along with other PEAN members, on November 11, 1942. He was executed at Kesariani on February 4, 1943.

He is the father of UN weapons inspector Dimitris Perrikos.