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Prefecture: Lesbos prefecture
Province: Mytilene (capital)
Seat: Mytilini

39.001/37°6'8" N lat.
26.557833/24°33'29" E long
Population: (1991)
 - Total
 - Density
 - Rank


Aegean Sea
8 m (centre)
western part
Number of towns,
villages and settlements:
Postal code: 811 00
Area/distance code: 11-(00)30-22510-2
Municipal code: -
Car designation: MY
3-letter abbreviation: MYT (Mytilene)
Name of inhabitants: Mytilenean sing.
s pl.
Address of administration: 13-17 Eleftheriou Venizelou St.
Mytilini 811 00

Mytilene (Greek: Μυτιλήνη - Mytilíni), also Mitilini is the capital city of Lesvos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It has a population of 32,000. Mytilene is linked with a highway numbered (GR-67) linking to Skala Eressou on the other side of the island of Lesvos. Farmlands surround Mytilini, the mountains cover the west and to the north. The airport is located a few kilometres south on the small highway.

Mytilini has a beautiful port with ferries to the nearby islands of Limnos and Chios and some other islands especially trading but serves none to the Turkish side except for trade. The port also serves to the mainland cities of Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupoli. A boat was named during the 2001 IAAF games in Edmonton after Kostas Kenteris, the Aeolos Kenteris, and was sold by Nel Lines in 2006. The nearest port on the Greek mainland is Alexandroupoli.

The 2000 Olympic champion in the 200m run, Konstantinos Kenteris, is a native of the city.

Historical population

Year Communal population Change Municipal population Change
1981 24,991 - - -
1991 23,971 -1,020/-4.08% 33,157 -

Sporting teams


Mytilene has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, churches, a post office, beaches, a hospital and a few squares (plateies). The nearest university by boat is in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Mytilene produces the Ladotiri of Mytilene, a traditional Greek cheese with Controlled Denomination of Origin.

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