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Nikos Goumas Stadium was a multi-use stadium in Nea Philadelphia, a northern suburb of Athens, Greece. It was used mostly for football matches and was the home stadium of AEK Athens. "Nikos Goumas" Stadium was named after an old president of the club. He contributed to the building and later to the upgrading of the ground. It was previously known as "Nea Philadelphia Stadium" or simply "AEK Stadium".

The stadium was built in 1930. Its first game was held on November 2 of that year between AEK and Olympiakos. Until 1979 it had a horseshoe-like shape. It was then that the double-tiered south stand was built, making it the largest stadium in Athens at the time. This stand, particularly its lower tier known as "Skepasti" (meaning "roofed"), was the home of the AEK ultras (called "Originals").

The capacity of the stadium was over 35,000 from the construction of this new stand in 1979, until the installation of seats on all stands in 1998 which reduced it to 24,729.

Nikos Goumas Stadium was demolished in June 2003.

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