Nikos Nikolaidis

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Nikos Nikolaidis

Nikos Nikolaidis (Greek: Νίκος Νικολαΐδης) was a Greek director and a writer. He was born in 1939 in Athens, where he lived and worked until his death.

Nikolaidis studied Film Directing and Stage Design. He worked at the Ptolemaida coal mines, at a music production company, as an assistant director, as a screenwriter and as a director of commercials. He directed, produced and wrote the script for 9 feature films and two short films.

Of his cinematic works, he directed Proini Peripolos, Glykia Symmoria and Ta Kourelia Tragoudane Akoma. He also wrote O Orgismenos Valkanios which is overpublished every year.

The movies, which he produced, went to the commons and critics. His characters were mainly persons at the highest. Most of his movies were his ideas, maned in the 1950s.

Over the years, he received 5 awards for Best Director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

He died September 5, 2007 of acute pulmonary oedema.


  • Lacrimae Rerum (1962)
  • Anef Oron (Άνευ Όρων = Unconditionally) (1964)
  • Evrydiki B.A. 2037 (Ευρυδίκη Β.Α. 2037) (1975)
  • Ta Kourelia Tragoudane Akoma (Τα Κουρέλια Τραγουδάνε Ακόμα = The Rags Are Still Singing) (1979)
  • Glykia Symmoria (Γλυκιά Συμμορία = Sweet Gang) (1983)
  • Proini Peripolos (Πρωϊνή Περίπολος = Morning Patrol) (1987)
  • Singapore Sling (1990)
  • To Koritsi Me Tis Valitses (Το Κορίτσι Με Τις Βαλίτσες = That Girl With the Suitcases) (TV movie) (1993)
  • O Chamenos Ta Pairnei Ola (Ο Χαμένος Τα Παίρνει Όλα = Loser Takes All) (2002)

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  • O Orgismenos Valkanios (Ο Οργισμένος Βαλκάνιος = The Incensed Balkan) (1977)
  • Gourounia ston Anemo (Γουρούνια στον Άνεμο = Pigs In The Wind) (1993)

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