Nikos Simitzis

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Nikos Simitzis was a Greek football player of the 1960s and 1970s.

Simitzis was born on Kriezotis Street in Chalkida in 1945. He became well-known throughout Chalkida as a footballer (he played right-wing) for Olympiakos Chalkida and later Chalkida FC. He later also played for Aegaleo FC.

Simitzis did not score much but, when he did, he usually did so in spectacular fashion. With the colours of Chalkida FC he scored one against Fostiras that could have ranked among the greatest, except that it was not captured on film: he started at midfield and passed the ball over five defenders in succession before doing the same to the goalkeeper.

Without a doubt, Simitzis could have made himself a name in one of the larger clubs of Greece had he been given the opportunity. Today, he lives in Athens talking over old times with his friends.