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Olympiakos Chalkida is a Greek football club, based in Chalkida, Euboea.

Olympiakos was founded in 1926 and their greatest achievement was being promoted at the end of the 1963 season into the Greek Football A Division. The team went fairly well in the first round, finishing the first half of the season in 6th place however, they hit a prolonged slide in the second half and ended up even on points with Niki Volos in 15th place. Their one-game playoff ended in a 1-1 draw and Olympiakos were relegated due to goal differential.

The team was forced to merge with cross-town rivals Evripos by the sports authorities of the Junta in 1967, to form Chalkida FC. After the fall of the Junta in 1974, Olympiakos were re-established and play in the local Euboea leagues.




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