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Fostiras team crest

Fostiras FC are a historic club based in the southwestern Athens suburb of Tavros. They were founded in 1926 and arose to Athens' A' Division in 1953, in the days of local championships. Their ability to upset bigger clubs soon won them their nickname: Giant Killers (Φονεύς των γιγάντων).

Colours: Yellow and black. Stadium: "Spyros Yialambidis" (capacity 4,000)

In the days of the National championship (1959 - present), they managed to compete in the A' Division between 1961 - 1963 and 1970 - 1974. In 2003 they were demoted from the B' Division to D' Division due to financial difficulties. In 2007, they won promotion to the C' Division.

As of 2018, they are playing in the C' Division.

Star Players

40s - 60s

70s - Present