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The Greek Football C Division or Gamma Ethniki, is the division below the Football B Division or Beta Ethniki or Football League. The top clubs of the Football C Division participate in the Beta Ethniki in the following year. Similarly, the Beta Ethniki's bottom clubs are relegated to the Football C Division. The number of teams going up has varied over the years. The bottom clubs of Gamma Ethniki are relegated into the FCA Championships and are replaced by that leagues top teams.


The C Division did not always exist. In the first years of the A and B Divisions, Beta Ethniki was fed through the local prefectural leagues usually with playoffs involved. The National C Division was established for the 1983 season. At first, it consisted of a single league - as in England - but, as of its second year, it went to a 2-league (North and South) competition. The single league format was tried once more between 2000 and 2004 but, once again C Division has gone to two leagues. In the 2017 this division consisted of 8 groups dividing 100 clubs, based on geographical criteria. In 2010, the C Division was named Football League 2.

Third division C' Ethniki 2012-2013

Southern League

  1. Acharnaikos - Acharnai
  2. Asteras - Magoula, Attica prefecture
  3. Chania FC - Chania, Crete
  4. Episkopi
  5. Fostiras - Tavros
  6. Kalamata FC
  7. Korinthos FC
  8. Proodeftiki - Korydallos, Piraeus
  9. Glyfada FC
  10. Ethnikos Asteras
  11. Rouvas FC
  12. Panaigialios - Aigio
  13. Paniliakos - Pyrgos

Northern League

  1. Anagennisis - Karditsa
  2. Apollon - Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
  3. Doxa - Kranoula, Ioannina prefecture
  4. Kassiopi
  5. Kordelio
  6. Platamonas
  7. Ethnikos Sidirokastro
  8. Oikonomos Tsaritsani
  9. Telycrates - Lefkada
  10. Tyrnavos FC
  11. Vataniakos FC - Katerini
  12. Zakynthos FC