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Pangrati (Greek Παγκράτι) is a neighborhood in the Municipality of Athens, Greece. It is bordered by the Kolonaki (Κολωνάκι) neighborhood to the north, the Kaisariani (Καισαριανή) Municipality to the east, the Vyronas (Βύρωνας) Municipality to the south, and the Mets (Μετς) neighborhood to the west. It is not to be confused as a separate suburb, as it is part of the Athens city proper. However, it is frequently mistaken as such, possibly because of it bordering the actual suburbs of Vyronas and Kaisariani. One of the most important landmarks of Pangrati is the Panathinaiko Stadium that hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. In Pangrati lies the First Cemetery of Athens, the burial ground of many noted Greeks.

Transportation in Pangrati

Pangrati is served by buses #054, 203, 204, 209, 732 and trolleys #2,4 and 11. Recent information released by the Attiko Metro has suggested there will be a future metro station on the border of Pangrati and Kaisariani on Imitou Street, to be named Pangrati/Kaisariani, on the proposed Orange Line (Line #4).[1]

Squares in Pangrati

Pangrati has many squares (πλατείες) frequented by its locals: Plastira, Pangratiou ("of Pangrati"), Mesologiou, Proskopon, Rizari, Profitis Ilias, Deliolani, Plyta and Varnava. Each square has its separate identity within the neighborhood. At Pangratiou Square, Pangratiou Park is to be found, together with a major street named Spirou Merkouri, which runs into Konstandinou Ave and up towards Evangelismos Metro Station. At Profitis Ilias Square, one will find the Church of the Prophet Elijah (Προφήτης Ηλίας), and also Imitou street, which runs through the entire span of Pangrati starting from Kaisariani; around Varnava Square, is the area behind the Kallimarmaro Stadium hosting restaurants like the classy "Spondi"(awarded with 2 Michelin stars) and various tavernas, while Plastira Square serves as a stop for all three trolley networks and local bus routes. The Arcadia Center, an American university, is also located in Pangrati.

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