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Panourgias Panourgias (Πανουργιάς Πανουργιάς), born 1767, at Dremissa, Parnassida, was a Greek revolutionary who fought in the Greek War of Independence.

His name was given to him by an error from his godfather who thought he was a girl and named him Panorea (Πανωραία / Ultimate Beauty).

In 1790 he joined Andritsos Verousis. In 1813, Ali Pasha appointed him armatolos (αρματωλό) in Salona, but soon after he replaced him with Lambros Kosmas from Souli. He later entered the close circle of Ali Pasha, even though there was a confrontation with Odysseus Androutsos.

He joined the Friendly Society (Filiki Eteria) and successfully prepared the revolution at Parnassida in March 24, 1821.

He participated in the battles of Alamana (alongside Athanasios Diakos) and at the inn of Gravia (alongside Odysseus Androutsos).

Panourgias died August 4, 1834 at Salona.