Pavlos Nirvanas

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Pavlos Nirvanas
His house in Skopelos

Pavlos Nirvanas (alt. Paulos) was a Greek poet, screenplay writer and critic.

Nirvanas was born Petros Apostolidis in Mari(an)oupolis, Russia in 1866. His father was from Skopelos and his mother from Chios. However, even though he was not born in Skopelos, he considered himself a Skopelitian.

Papadiamantis called him his "fellow-countryman" as Skopelos and Skiathos stand side by side in the blue of the Aegean Sea. Once Papadiamantis, reading one of his poems, caressed his head and said: "poems, too, are lessons".

Whilst still very young Nirvanas lived in Piraeus. There he attended school and learned his first letters. In 1890 he finished medical school at the University of Athens. He entered the service of the Hellenic Navy as assistant surgeon and retired from army service after many years of duty with the rank of general chief doctor.

Nirvanas wrote poetry, prose, translations of foreign writers, and even plots for theatre plays. Many times his writing centred on illness and pain. He kept writing until he died of bronchial pneumonia on November 29, 1937.