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Political Spring (Greek: Πολιτική Άνοιξη, Politiki Anixi - POL.AN.) is a former Greek conservative political party founded in June 1993 by Antonis Samaras. The party was formed after Antonis Samaras broke away from the New Democracy party when he was fired as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Samaras was said to be too nationalist in his views towards Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Political Spring gained 4.9% in the National Elections of 1993 earning ten seats in the Parliament. It gained 8.7% in the elections for the European Parliament in 1994 earning two seats. Its decline started in the National Elections of 1996, when it gained 2.94%, just below the national threshold of 3%, thus not being able to earn any seats in the Parliament. It participated in the elections for European Parliament in 1999, but it got 2.3% which was again below the limit and considered another failure. Political Spring did not participate in the elections of 2000, but Antonis Samaras publicly supported the New Democracy party. Before the next general elections in April 2004, Samaras joined again New Democracy and he was elected as a MEP in June 2004.

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