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The Progressive Party (Greek Κόμμα Προοδευτικών), was a political party, founded in 1953 by economist Spyros Markezinis.

The Progressive Party took part in the 1956 general elections in Greece and amassed 74,545 votes (2.22% of the total), failing to elect MPs.

In 1958, they formed part of the Progressive Agrarian Democratic Union alliance and elected 2 MPs.

In 1961, they joined the Centre Union party against the conservative ERE and elected 14 MPs.

In 1963, they independently polled 173,981 votes (3.73%) and elected 2 MPs. In the repeat elections of 1964, they joined ERE and elected 8 MPs.

All democratic elections were suspended between 1967 and 1974 in Greece as a result of the rule of the military junta. During that period, Markezinis accepted the post of Prime Minister but was soon overthrown by the Dimitrios Ioannidis coup of November 25, 1973.

The Progressive Party was briefly revived in 1981 but, in the ensuing elections, received just 95.799 votes (1.69%) and ceased to exist as a factor in Greek politics.