November 25

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  • 1827: Alexandros Ypsilantis is released from prison by Austrian authorities.
  • 1835: King Ludwig of Bavaria (father of King Otto) visits Athens.
  • 1892: A young Frenchmen named Pierre de Coubertin, first pitched his idea to revive the Olympic Games at a meeting of the Union des Sports Athl├ętiques in Paris.
  • 1942: Guerrilas from both EDES and ELAS blow up the Gorgopotamos Bridge used by Germans to supply Gen. Rommel's Afrika Korps.
  • 1963: Queen Frederica attends the funeral of US President John F. Kennedy on behalf of Greece.
  • 1973: A coup was orchestrated by the head of the feared military police, Brigadier Dimitrios Ioannides and deposed Greek Government headed by self-appointed President George Papadopoulos, after weeks of unrest.
  • 1987: Constantine Simitis, then Minister of National Economy, resigned because he felt that his policies were being undermined.
  • 2006: The bodies of the five young men - two brothers and three cousins - were found in woodland in the Kalyvia, Agrinio region. They had each been shot at least twice in what appeared to have been an execution-style killing.