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The Public Power Corporation (PPC S.A.) of Greece (Or DEI: Dimosia Epicheirisi Ilektrismou - ΔΕΗ ΑΕ: Δημόσια Επιχείρηση Ηλεκτρισμού) is the biggest electric power company in Greece. It is controlled to an extent by the government, and it produces and supplies electricity to the entire country.


DEI was founded by the Greek government in 1950. Its main purpose was to plan and apply a national energy policy which, through the exploitation of the domestic products and resources, would distribute cheap electric power to all the Greek citizens. DEI started the integration of all the small local grids to the national interconnected grid. Furthermore, the corporation resolved the purchase of all the small private and local electric power production units.

In 2001, DEI changed hands and is no longer owned by the government, though largely controlled by it.

Power plants

DEI ensures the energy efficiency of the country through its vast projects.

The 34 major thermal and hydroelectric power plants and the 3 aeolic parks of the interconnected power grid of the mainland, as well as the 60 autonomous power plants located on Crete, Rhodes and other Greek islands (33 thermal, 2 hydroelectric, 18 aeolic and 5 photovoltaic parks) form DEI's industrial colossus and constitute the energy basis of all financial activities of the country.

The total installed capacity of the 97 PPC's power plants is currently 12,760 MW with a net generation of 53.9 TWh in 2007.

Mining areas

Other than the monopoly in electric energy, DEI has mining areas within power plants. The power plants produce electricity and power from lignite, other plants use coal. The largest mining areas are located between Kozani and Ptolemaida, around Amyntaio in the Florina prefecture and around Megalopolis.


The Kalamata - Pyrgos - Patras Line is a line runs near Pyrgos, west of Amaliada, east of Gastouni, 1.5 km west of Lechaina and encircles to the north, the southern part of the plain and connecting with another line connecting from Megalopoli. This power line has several power stations including Pyrgos, Amaliada, Lechaina, Varda and Lappa. The power line has several branches including a 5 km long line to near Lappa. The line linking Kavasila and Zante passes near Kavasila, about 1 km south of Dimitra, south of Kastro, north of Loutra Kyllinis and into the island of Zante. Most of the line is underwater.

Other lines includes Patras - Corinth - Athens, and Pyrgos - Megalopoli.

Lines from Megalopoli link to Pyrgos, Kalamata and Tripoli.

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