Savvas Poursaitidis

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Savvas Poursaitidis is a Greek football player currently at APOEL Lefkosia.

Poursaitidis was born in Drama, Macedonia, Greece, on June 23, 1976. He started playing at local club Doxa as an amateur. In 1993, he joined Veria FC as a professional. After three years, he made the big jump to Olympiakos where he stayed for three more years. Afterwards, he signed with SKODA Xanthi.

In 2002, Poursaitidis went to Cyprus where he has played for:

In 2009, Poursaitidis acquired the citizenship of Cyprus as he is married to a Cypriot woman. He has since been capped - as of August 2011 - 8 times by the Cypriot national football team.

Poursaitidis plays either at right back or in the midfield.