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Seraphim was a Greek clergyman who served as Archbishop of Athens between January 13, 1974 until his death on April 10, 1998.

Seraphim was born Vissarion Tikas, on August 2, 1913, in the village of Artesiano, Karditsa prefecture. He studied at the Theological School of the University of Athens and graduated in 1940.

Seraphim was ordained a deacon - while still in school - in 1938. In 1942 he became a priest and joined the resistance movement of EDES.

After the war, in 1949, he was ordained Archbishop of Arta transferring in 1958 to the See of Ioannina.

On January 13, 1974 Seraphim was elected to replace Hieronymus as Archbishop of Athens and all Greece. He served in that capacity for 24 years - longer than anyone in modern history. He was honoured in 1997 for his 60-year service to the Church and was awarded the Cross of the Order of Honour which is usually reserved for heads of state.

Seraphim died on April 10, 1998 and was succeeded by Christodoulos.