Spyros Poyagos

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Spyros Poyagos (Greek: Σπύρος Πογιάγος) was born in Corfu in 1925 and died there in the Summer of 2005.

He studied Medicine in Athens and Paris and then practiced in Corfu until his retirement in 1984. Since his young age he was interested in painting and etching/engraving and has studied with Marcos Pierris and Nicolaos Ventouras. Following his retirement he devoted his time to etching and has exhibited his work at the Reading Society of Corfu (1989), the 'Autumn of Corfiot Artists' (1992, 1994), the French Institute of Corfu (1993, 1994) and the Corfu Municipality Gallery (2003).

He has published a book collecting his etchings in 1996 (Xαρακτική, in Greek).

His other long-life hobby was sailing and he was instrumental in the developing of the sport in Corfu at NAOK and then ΠΟΙΑΘ, having served as president of both sailing clubs.