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Tuzla is a village in Asia Minor on the Sea of Marmara (Propontis), facing the Prince's Islands. In Byzantine times it was known as Akritas.

Prior to 1924 and the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the population of Tuzla was largely Greek. It had four Orthodox churches (St. Theodores, Panagia of the Presentation, Taxiarchs and St Demetrius) which belonged, administratively, to the Metropolis of Chalkidon. Many of its residents migrated to the United States between 1890 and 1924. Those that stayed were resettled in Nea Philadelphia, Athens, in Thessaloniki and elsewhere in Greece. On the other hand, many ethnic Turks from Greece were resettled in Tuzla.

Today Tuzla could be considered a suburb of Istanbul as the great city has spread considerably into Anatolia. Many wealthy residents of Istanbul, however, have taken up residence in Tuzla as it has never lost its small-town atmosphere.