Vangelis Papazoglou

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Vangelis Papazoglou (nicknamed "Angouris") was a Greek rebetiko composer, lyricist and singer.

Papazoglou was born in the village of Durbali near Smyrna in 1896. His father worked in the trains, moving about quite a bit and the young Vangelis did not finish primary school. Instead, he learned to play a variety of musical instruments including the mandolin, the violin and the guitar. Around 1910, he joined "The Politakia" - a Smyrna ensemble run by Sideras. He worked alongside the greatest musicians in Asia Minor including Ogdhondakis, Panagiotis Tountas and Spiros Peristeris.

In 1919, Papazoglou joined the Greek Army and took part in the advance against Ankara. He came to Greece in 1922, after the Asia Minor disaster and settled in Nikaia.

From 1923 until the WW II occupation of Greece by the Germans, Papazoglou sang in various night clubs alongside other rebetiko singers. He never recorded any of his songs.

Papazoglou died on June 27, 1943 in Nikaia.

His best-known songs

  • Κάτω στα λεμονάδικα - Down by the lemon shops
  • Πέντε χρόνια δικασμένος μέσα στο Γεντί Κουλέ - 5 years sentenced in Yedi-kule prison