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The village of Vasta in the home of three mysterious wonders: The wonder of the church of St. Theodora. This almost ancient little church sits on the top of some gigantic unexplored caverns with some 17 big trees rising from it roof, and from it’s cornerstone is gushing the beginning of Pamissos river, that empties in to the Aegean Sea see after it passes through the olive groves of Kalamata.

The wonder of the ancient fossil foot print (“Kolokotroni’s foot print”). On the northwestern side of the village there rests a big lime stone with a perfect fossil foot print, the older villagers tell the legend of the father of the Greek Revolution, Theodoros Kolokotronis. They say that Kolokontonis and his man on their horses used to use that spot as an observation point for approaching Turks. One day when kolokotronis dismount from his horse, his foot left an imprint upon the rock!

The third wonder is the ice cold spring on the top of mount Tetrazion, the village’s highest territory. The water is so cold that is very hard for any one to keep his hand in the water more than 40 seconds! The mystery is, where is that water coming from? Looking at the surrounding mountain tops one can easily assume that the God Apollo used to refresh himself at this spring as his temple is in sight at the mountain top at the west side below.