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Yiannis Christou (1926 - 1970) was a Greek classical music composer.

Christou was born on January 8, 1926 in Cairo, Egypt. He was educated in Cairo and was taught music by the great pianist Gina Bachauer. He continued his studies in England (Cambridge University) and Sienna, Italy.

In 1960, Christou moved to Greece, splitting his time between Athens and Chios. He was killed in an automobile accident on January 8, 1970. His wife was seriously injured in the same accident and died 10 days later. He is survived by a daughter, Sandra, who maintains her father's archives.


  • Six T.S. Elliot Songs
  • Mysterion
  • Phoenix Music
  • Tongues of Fire
  • First Symphony
  • Second Symphony
  • Praxis for 12
  • Toccata (piano & orchestra)


Yiannis Christou, image and music