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Yiannis Voyiatzis was a Greek elafro singer, first cousin to Yiannis Voyiatzis the comic actor.

Voyiatzis was born on December 12, 1934 in Athens. He began singing in 1952 and recording in 1960.

Voyiatzis was one of the main singers who expressed the elafro style song in Greece during the 1960s and 1970s, having preferred to stay rather than establish a career abroad as Jimmy Makoulis and Nana Mouskouri had done.

His greatest success came in 1963 when his song "Πέταξε ένα πουλί" (A Bird flew) won the elafro song contest at the Fair of Thessaloniki and in 1970 when he repeated his success with "Αδέλφια μου αλήτες πουλιά" (My brothers, vagrants, birds).

Voyiatzis had a long-term singing partnership with Jenny Vanou with whom he recorded some of his greatest hits.

Primarily a singer, Voyiatzis also did some acting.

He died on May 15, 2023.

His albums

  • Το αμαξάκι - The carriage
  • Το τελευταίο το φιλί - The last kiss

His songs

  • Πέταξε ένα πουλί - A Bird flew
  • Το τραίνο - The train
  • Μορφονιά - The beautiful woman
  • Ένας ουρανός μ' αστέρια - A sky full of stars
  • Η πρώτη μας νύχτα - Our first night
  • Σου το ’πα μια και δυο και τρεις - I told you once, twice, three times
  • Σ' αγαπώ σ' όλες τις γλώσσες - "I love you" in every language
  • Αδέλφια μου αλήτες πουλιά - My brothers, vagrants, birds
  • Θέλω κοντά σου να μείνω - I want to remain by your side
  • Το αμαξάκι - The carriage
  • Της Κυριακής το βράδυ - Sunday night
  • Ένα σου δάκρυ - A tear of yours
  • Πες μου κι εσύ - Tell me yourself
  • Σε ξέχασα - I have forgotten you
  • Το φεγγάρι της αυλής σου - The moon of your garden
  • Πιο πάνω από τα σύννεφα - Higher than the clouds