Yves Triantafillos

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Yves Triantafillos through the eyes of painter Yiannis Tsarouchis

Yves Triantafillos (alternative spellings "Triantafyllos", "Triandafillos" and "Triandafyllos") is a French-Greek former football forward of the 1970s era.

Triantafillos was born outside Lyon, France, to a Greek father (Constantinos) and a French mother. He attended a technical school getting an education on carpentry and eventually became a machinist while playing football on the side.

He played for St Etienne and Boulogne-sur-Mer in France before coming to Greece in 1971 to play for Olympiakos.

In the next three years, Triantafillos amassed impressive statistics:

  • 1972: 19 goals in 28 appearances
  • 1973: 16 goals in 30 appearances
  • 1974: 23 goals in 32 appearances

He left Greece after the 1974 season to the disappointment of the Piraeus club's fans. During his stay in Greece he met and fell in love with then aspiring actress Melanie Stantzou.