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Konstantinos Konstantopoulos (Greek Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντόπουλος) (1832-1910) was a conservative Greek politician and Prime Minister of Greece.

Early political career

During the reign of King Otto, Konstantopoulos was a Mayor of Patra and later leader of the Prefectures of Achaea and Elis. He was successful in averting bloodshed in a feud in that area.

Parliament and Prime Minister

Konstantopoulos was eventuallly elected as a member of the Nationalist Party to the parliament representing Mantineia, a town in northern Arcadia and by 1890 he was elected President of the Parliament. In 1892, the Prime Minister, Theodoros Deligiannis was asked to resign by the king over continuing disagreements between the Prime Minister and Crown over economic policy, despite the fact that the Prime Minister maintained the confidence of the Parliament. The king, in dismissing the Prime Minister called for new elections and asked Konstantopoulos, a fellow member of Deligiannis' Nationalist Party, to form a government on February 18 (OS)/March 1, 1892. Konstantopoulos led his party in the May 3 election, but Charilaos Trikoupis' Modernist Party won the election and on June 10 (OS)/June 22, 1892, Konstantopoulos was replaced by Trikoupis.

He remained active in politics and a member of parliament until 1904. Konstantopoulos died in Athens in 1910.


Preceded by:
Theodoros Deligiannis
Prime Minister of Greece
March 1, 1892 - June 22, 1892
Succeeded by:
Charilaos Trikoupis

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