Andreas Zaimis

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Andreas Zaimis (Greek:Ανδρέας Ζαΐμης) (1791 - 1840) was a Greek freedom fighter and government leader during the War of Independence.

Zaimis was born in Kerpini, near Kalavryta, Achaia prefecture, Peloponnesus, the son of Asimakis Zaimis who raised the banner of the Greek revolt at Kalavryta.

Zaimis abandoned his studies in Italy when the Greek Revolution broke out and took part in several battles, including Dervenakia and the first siege of Messolonghi. He was chosen, in April 1826, as the leader of the interim Greek government. On December 23, 1828, he was named to the first Greek cabinet of Ioannis Kapodistrias.

Zaimis died in Athens in 1840.

His son, Thrasivoulos Zaimis, and his grandson, Alexandros Zaimis, served as Prime Ministers of Greece.