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Antonis Remos Paschalidis (Greek: Αντώνης Ρέμος) (born June 19, 1970) is a popular Greek singer.

Remos was born in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany, but he and his family moved back to their native Thessaloniki in Macedonia, Greece, in 1980. He launched his singing career in 1995, in Athens, appearing alongside Dimitris Mitropanos, in nightclub "Diogenes Pallas". The following year he recorded his first album "Antonis Remos".

In the summer of 2007, Remos stepped into the administration of troubled football club Iraklis FC. He was named chairman of a board that includes ex-Iraklis footballer Babis Xanthopoulos.


  • Antonis Remos (1996, Platinum)
  • Kairos Na Pame Parakato (1998, Platinum)
  • Pali Ap'Tin Arhi (1999, Platinum)
  • Mia Nihta Mono (2001, 2X Platinum)
  • Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis (2002, 3X Platinum)
  • Mia Anapnoi (2003, 3X Platinum)
  • Live (2004, Platinum)
  • San Anemos (2005, Platinum)

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