Aspasia Karatza

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Aspasia Karatza (Greek Ασπασία Καρατζά) was a Greek beauty queen, the winner of the very first beauty pageant in Greece.

Karatza was born in Patra in 1905. She was a descendant of Panagiotis Karatzas who fought in the Greek War of Independence in 1821.

The first Greek beauty pageant was held in Athens at the club "Delice", on January 20, 1929. Karatza had resigned her position as a bank clerk to take part. Her victory was considered such a significant event that the Mayor of Patra was notified by telegram.

The following month, on February 7, 1929, Karatza represented Greece at the Miss Europe pageant in Paris. She won second place behind Miss Hungary Elzbieta Simon.

She was accorded various honours and awarded many gifts on her return.