Battle of Soloi

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The Battle of Soloi was fought on December 15, 1955 in the EOKA campaign against the British in Cyprus.

Markos Drakos led his "Ouranos" (Sky) team, including Charalambos Mouskos, Andreas Zakos, Charilaos Michail and four others in an ambush of a British convoy, led by Major B.J. Coombe, near Mersinaki, close to ancient Soloi.

In the ensuing firefight, one British soldier (Lance Corporal Brian Morum) was killed as was Charalambos Mouskos. Andreas Zakos and Charilaos Michail were injured and captured while Markos Drakos himself escaped despite a head injury.

This battle was significant in that Mouskos became the first EOKA guerrila to die in the campaign. His funeral was attended by thousands.