Charalambos Mouskos

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Charalambos Mouskos was a Cypriot guerilla fighter during the EOKA struggle against the British (1955 - 1959).

He was born in Panagia, Paphos province, on May 19, 1932, the son of Georgios and Anastasia Mouskos (and cousin of Archbishop Makarios III).

After receiving his primary and secondary education in Paphos, Mouskos studied type-setting in Greece and became supervisor of the printing press of the Cyprus Archbishopric which served the struggle by printing propaganda leaflets.

When the EOKA campaign for "Enosis" (union with Greece) broke out on April 1, 1955, Mouskos became one of five leaders in charge of sabotage operations in Nicosia. In this capacity, he was directly responsible to EOKA leader Georgios Grivas-Digenis. When he was betrayed, he took to the mountains as a guerrila fighter forming, with Markos Drakos and others, the "Ouranos" (sky) gang.

On December 15, 1955, the gang set up an ambush against a British convoy near ancient Soloi. In the ensuing battle of Soloi, Charalambos Mouskos was killed, becoming the first EOKA guerrila fighter to die in the struggle.

Thousands attended his funeral despite strict measures by the British.