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The Cyprus Football Association (CFA) (Greek: Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Ποδοσφαίρου - ΚΟΠ) is the governing body of football in Cyprus. It organizes the football league, whose top league is Cypriot First Division, Cyprus Cup, Cyprus FA Shield and the Cypriot national football team. It is based in Nicosia.

Football was introduced to Cyprus early in the 20th century by the British. Initially played in the island's schools, it proved hugely popular and a number of clubs were duly formed, including Anorthosis Famagusta FC in 1911.

As football became established, the clubs were united in agreeing that an official body was needed to regulate the sport. In September 1934, the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) was created and matches were soon being played on an official basis. The Cyprus FA became a FIFA member in 1948 and an UEFA member in 1962.


Georgios Koumas since 2018

Past Presidents