December 29

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  • 1823: Lord Byron arrives in Messolonghi.
  • 1924: The Municipal Police Force is established in Athens.
  • 1940: As the situation on the Albanian Front gets worse for the Italian forces, Mussolini replaces General Ubaldo Soddu with General Ugo Cavallero.
  • 1953: Greece replaces the oka with the kilogram as the standard measure of weight.
  • 1966: Emmanouil Emmanouilidis and Spyros Kotzamanis are found guilty of "grievous bodily injuries" in the Grigorios Lambrakis trial in Thessaloniki. All the other accused are unanimously acquitted.
  • 1972: Cyprus proclaims presidential elections to be held on February 8, 1973. Makarios is the only expected candidate.
  • 1998: The governments of Greece and Cyprus decide to proceed with the installation of Russian made antiballistic missiles S-300 in Crete, ignoring Turkey's strong objections and reactions.