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Giorgos Economidis (Greek Γιώργος Οικονομίδης) was a Greek songwriter, radio host and sometimes actor of the 20th century.

Economidis, serving in the army in World War II, first made a name for himself by writing satyric Greek lyrics, ridiculing Benito Mussolini, to an Italian song, "La Campagnola" by Eldo Di Lazzaro. The song, "Κορόϊδο Μουσσολίνι" (You fool Mussolini), was made famous by singer Sophia Vembo in 1940.

Economidis wrote the words of the Panathinaikos FC hymn "Σύλλογος μεγάλος δεν υπάρχει άλλος" (There is no other club as grand) in the late 1950s, inspired by a victory of the greens over Apollon Athens. He also wrote "Πάμε μια βόλτα στα πλακιώτικα στενά" (Let's go for a stroll in Plaka) "Έχω απόψε ραντεβού" (I got a date tonight), "Και γουλιά-γουλιά" (Sip by sip) - which he sang himself - and other songs.

Economidis hosted the radio show "Τα νέα μας ταλέντα" (Our new talents) in the 1960s and 1970s, giving many new aspiring singers and other artists a start in their careers (among them Yiannis Voyatzis and Harry Klynn).

As an actor, he participated in "Κάλλιο πέντε και στο χέρι" (Better five in your hand), "Έξω φτώχια και καλή καρδιά" (Away with poverty and have a good heart) both in the mid-1960s.

Economidis, in his latter years, was criticised for his support of the military Junta (1967 - 1974). He died on April 22, 1985.