Lela Karayianni

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Lela Karayianni was a Greek heroine of the resistance against the German and Italian occupation forces in Greece during the period 1941 - 1944.

Karayianni was born Lela Minopoulou, in Limni, Euboea, in 1898. She initially used her own house and her husband's pharmacy to hide British soldiers and airmen during the World War II occupation of Greece by the Axis powers. She later organised the resistance movement "Bouboulina" whose aim was to gather information and pass it down to the Allies in the Middle East.

On October 23, 1941, Karayianni was captured. She was released after 8 months and continued her activities until July 11, 1944 when she was captured again along with her five children.

Karayianni was taken to SS headquarters on Merlin Street in Athens where she was tortured in order to reveal information about her resistance movement. She was taken to a concentration camp in Chaidari and later, on September 8, 1944, was executed at Dafni.

Her bust stands on Stournara Street, Athens.